International Event Safety Lab Ostrava, CZ

Programme. Weds 2.11.2016 – VŠB – TUO

Module 1: 9:00 – 10:40

  • Determination of the problematic
  • Organization
  • Fire prevention
  • History of Event Safety
  • Protection of Life and Health

Module 2: 11:00 -12:40

  • Site Design – Indoor
  • Site Design – Outdoor
  • Stadiums and cities

Module 3: 13:30 – 15:10

  • Emergency situations
  • Modelling evacuation
  • Inquiries
  • Health and Safety in CZ
  • Health and Safety in EU/UK
  • Prohibition vs Motivation

IESL speakers

Plk. Ing. Květoslava Skalská – Head of Prevention Department at General management of the Fire Rescue Services of the Czech Republic.

Pplk. Mgr. Jakub Škoda – Counsellor of fire inquiries department at General management of the Fire Rescue Services of the Czech Republic.

Iain Nicolas Love – Risk management and safety manager for Red Hot Chilli Peppers EU tours, SJM Concerts, Canary Wharf Management, Florence and the Machine EU Tours.

Ba Tim Roberts – director of the UK Event Safety Shop. Safety manager for U2, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Keyne West tours. Safety management for Reading & Leeds festival, previously Chief of Operations of Glastonbury Festival, safety planning manager for public celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee.

Prof. Ing Petr Kučera, Ph.D. – VŠB -TUO, Faculty of Safety Engineering.
Head of fire protection department.

Ing Jiří Pokorný, Ph.D.,MPA – VŠB -TUO, Faculty of Safety Engineering.
Head of civil protection department.

Pavel Reich – Head of Event Security, G4S Secure solutions.
Until 2010, Vice-Deputy at Czech State Police department of fight with Extremisms and Terrorism. Member of international Police teams UEFA/CEPOL preventing public violence at Euro 2004, Football World Cup 2006 and EURO 2008. Since 2011, head of Event Security at G4S. Chief of Security for Czech representation at EURO 2012 and EURO 2016. Chief Security manager for Category-A  football matches and Premier football league in CZ. G4S is also providing services to Prague O2 Arena.

Pavel Chládek – safety manager and health and safety manager with references from Live Nation, Charm Music over ice hockey clubs HC Sparta Praha and HC Dukla Jihlava.