International Event Safety Lab (IESL) initiative, unifying professionals from live event industry, in cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) and VŠB – Technical University in Ostrava, with the support of the General management of the Czech Fire Rescue Services – the Ministry of Interior of The Czech Republic, is pleased to invite you to the seminar:

International Event Safety Lab

2.11.2016 – Ostrava,VŠB – Technical University Ostrava, Nová aula, room NA2
VŠB – TUO, 17. listopadu 15, 708 00 Ostrava – Poruba from 9:00h

3.11.2016 – Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague, room B 280
České vysoké učení technické, Thákurova 2077/7 166 36 Praha 6 from 8:00h

4.11.2016 – Prague, The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, room Hallerův sál
DAMU, Karlova 26, 116 65 Praha 1 from 9:00h

IESL seminars are dedicated to creating, exchanging and sharing international know-how in the area of organisation, technology and safety of public events with a special focus on cultural events.

Cultural events are on most occasions seen as non-conformist showing solidarity and freedom. The normal notional opposite of the liberty is, although to most attendees invisible, sophisticated organisation of activities handling the event. The main function of this organisation is to create fluency and an instinctively functioning event.

The main difference between professional and amateur events is, above all, in risk prevention and preparedness for emergency situations. It is crucial for event planners to accent not only comfort and effectiveness, but the protection of life, health and welfare of the attendees as well as workers.

Responsible approach also affects the event economics. Investment into event infrastructure and quality technologies might help to prevent higher costs caused by an emergency situation. Likewise also an event with sufficient funding can still fail with a poor organisation.

The IESL brings to the Czech Republic for the first time the presentation and research of event organisation structures. It will point out the common features of events from the club scene through to stadiums, festivals or city events. The main optics for viewing the seminar topics is a fire protection in the extended sense of protection of life, health and welfare.

IESL will be dealing with the problems of safe capacities and evacuation, inclement weather in connection to temporary structures, site designs and acoustics. It will focus on health and safety, liability and communication structures within the event organisation team, applied legislation and comparing the local market practices with international experiences.

IESL speakers are experts for fire safety from General management of the Czech Fire Rescue Services, professors from CTU, DAMU and VSB-TUO, local and international professionals. Programme and speakers profiles are listed below. Seminars are open to students as well as to general public up to the capacity of the room.

International Event Safety Lab
Prague, CZ 17.10.2016